Business Owner Services

As the owner of a successful business, you must address a number of financial needs to ensure that your business and family are on track. We help you do this by developing a comprehensive strategy that is both efficient and low cost. Without these strategies, you risk high costs and unforeseen dangers. We work with advanced planning professionals in each area of your business planning needs, as well as your CPA and attorney to grow your business.


Business Transition Planning

We work to preserve your business’s value by offering counsel and expertise. There is little chance that a family business will survive to the next generation and a greater chance that a family business doesn’t have any transition plan at all. We work with you and your attorneys to ensure your business’ stability and preservation.


Tax-Reduction Strategies

We implement a strategy that helps reduce taxes for your business. We work with you, your accountants, and your attorneys to determine if strategies like Employee Stock Ownership Plan, Captive Insurance Company, or premium financing can help your business.


Retirement Savings Plans

We grow your wealth outside of your business through defined contribution plans, defined benefit plans, and non-qualified deferred compensation plans. By doing this, you greatly reduce the risk of having all your wealth tied up in your business.


Risk Management

In the event of an unforeseen death or disability, we use Long-Term Disability Insurance, Business Overhead Expense Insurance, and Life Insurance to minimize the risk of financial hardship to you and your family.


Key Person Planning / Executive Compensation

Many businesses, whether small, medium, or large, fear the loss of important accounts or other serious issues if key employees or executives were to leave the company. We offer 2 different strategies to resolve this fear. The first technique, retention, provides an executive compensation plan with a vesting schedule to encourage key employees to stay with the business. The second technique, replacement, implements disability insurance for key employees in order to mitigate the costs of an untimely death or disability.


Business Valuation

We provide a formal valuation and complimentary, no obligation, informal valuation, prepared by CPAs and Consultants, for both clients and prospective clients. We guide you through the highlights of the valuation and provide expert recommendations. By knowing the value of your business, you will be better prepared for retirement planning, estate planning, business succession planning and funding buy-sell agreements. Our valuation will give you clarity on what your business is worth and how.